Criminal Law & Procedure:

Criminal Law & Procedure Exam IV/2015Download
Criminal Law & Procedure Exam e-crim2 II 16-final/2016Download
Criminal Law & Procedure Exam e-crim-2.IV/2016Download
Criminal Law & Procedure Exam e-crim3.IV/2016Download

Debt Collecting:

Debt Collecting Exam IV/2015Download
Debt Collecting Exam e-debt1.II/2016Download
Debt Collecting Exam e-debt2.II_/2016Download
Debt Collecting Exam e-debt.IV_/2016Download

Property Law & Conveyancing:

Property Law & Conveyancing Exam I/2016Download
Property Law & Conveyancing Exam 1-II/2016Download
Property Law & Conveyancing Exam 2-II/2016Download
Property Law & Conveyancing Exam 3-IV/2016Download

Introduction to South African Law:

Introduction to SA Law III/2014Download
Introduction to SA Law III/2013Download
Introduction to SA Law III/2012
Introduction to SA Law III/2011Download

Legal Office Practice Management:

Legal Office Practice Management III/2014Download
Legal Office Practice Management III/2013Download
Legal Office Practice Management III/2012Download
Legal Office Practice Management III/2011Download

Civil Litigation:

Civil Litigation 1-I/2016Download
Civil Litigation 2-I/2016Download
Civil Litigation 3-I/2016Download
Civil Litigation III/2016 Download

Wills & Estates:

Wills & Estates III/2015Download
Wills & Estates 1 I/2016Download
Wills & Estates 2 I/2016Download
Wills & Estates III/2016Download

Business Law:

Business Law 2-III/2015Download
Business Law I/2016Download
Business Law 2 III/2016Download
Business Law 3 III/2016Download