The South African School of Paralegal Studies has become the leader in paralegal training through its network of franchise operations established in the major metropolitan areas of South Africa.


The franchise system with regards to Face-to-Face-Learning works as follows:

  • The franchisees are law firms or consultancy businesses established and well known in their respective geographical area.
    They are independently run, however, within a strict framework of guidelines set by us, resulting in a uniform teaching throughout the nation.
    The franchisees are responsible for taking registrations, administering them, providing class rooms and lecturers, invigilating examinations and doing their own accounting.
  • We as franchisor have not only set the guidelines for running the franchise operation; we are setting the standards. The course notes have been developed and are permanently up-dated by us; the franchisees are required to only use these notes. We set the annual schedule, which is adhered to by all franchisees. We set the examination papers; the examinations are written at various venues on the same days and at the same time. Thereafter the papers are sent to us for processing (marking + moderating). To those students who pass we issue The South African School of Paralegal Studies Short Course non-NQF completion certificates and/or The South African School of Paralegal Studies Senior Paralegal or Commercial Law non-NQF completion certificate. Thus, we are not only setting the standards but also up-hold them.

With regard to Distance Learning the franchise system works differently. Our franchise operations are only involved in the revision lectures and the invigilation of the examinations, both of which is done at their venues, usually together with the respective events they run with their students registered for Face-to-Face Learning.