In a Nutshell

SASPS offers its six core legal courses and two more as part of the Paralegal Course for Face-to-Face Learning at its training venue in Wynberg.


The salient features of SASPS’s Face-to-Face Learning Program are:


1. The six courses are:

  • Civil Litigation (CivLit)
  • Wills & Estates (W&E)
  • Business Law (BusL)
  • Debt Collecting (DebtC)
  • Criminal Law & Procedure (CrimL)
  • Property Law & Conveyancing (PL&Con)


2. The two additional courses are:

  •  Introduction to South African Law (Intro SA Law)
  • Introduction to the Legal Profession (Intro LP)


3. Students get

  •  Study Guide
  • Course Catalogue
  • Glossary of legal terms
  • Course Notes + Annexures.


4. Students can assess their progress in learning by a Self Assessment Paper which they receive as part of the Study Guide.


5. During the individual courses students will be writing a class test.


6. Students will receive a previous Examination Paper in time before the examination date; the model answers will be presented and discussed at the revision lecture (see below).


7. In time before the examination the students will have a Revision Lecture which will focus on a previous examination paper.


8. An examination (in completion of the course or as re-writes), offered twice a year for each course.


9. Students will get the opportunity to rate SASPS’s Face-to-Face Learning Program and its administration through an Evaluation Form, which can be anonymous if required.