SASPS has got many years of experience with the optimal timing of learning, revision of learning and preparation for an examination. Although SASPS will try to accommodate each student on his/her ideas regarding the speed for the achievement of the desired results SASPS has developed recommendations and set certain rules.

1.Short Course (SC)


1.1  Recommendation: Student should have

  • at least 2 months
  • not more than 11 months (jumping to next available term)
    from receipt of course notes to examination/assignment.

1.2  Rule: Student must

  • write the examination/assignment the latest in term after first available term,
  • can apply for postponement twice (for a fee); SASPS can refuse admission for good reason only. If course notes have changed substantially since, student is obliged to buy a new set of notes at listed price from SASPS.

1.3  Re-write: Student must

  • do it at next available examination/assignment
  • can apply as above.
    Up-dated notes: The above applies too.

2.Senior Paralegal / Commercial Law Courses


2.1  General rule:

Each subject will be treated as SC regarding

  • schedule +
  • logistics.

2.2  Recommendations: Students should

  • not tackle more than 2 subjects in minimum period recommended for SC (2 months)
  • ideally spread the six subjects over a period of 12 month from receipt of course notes to examination/assignment.

2.3  Rule: Student must

  • at least complete 1 subject/term which will result in a standard duration of 18 months,
  • can apply for postponements up to a maximum of 2 years (for a fee as SC).
    Up-dated notes: The above applies too.

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