1. General Schedule

There are two parts of the schedule for Distance Learning coinciding with Face-to-face Learning (FTFL) offered by SASPS and its Franchise Operations, namely

  • Revision Lecture +
  • Examination.

Thus, students doing Distance Learning are attending the revision lecture and sitting for the examination together with the students who have registered for FTFL. This has resulted in SASPS structuring the courses offered as follows:

  • Each of the six courses is offered at least once a year for FTFL, whereby SASPS and each Franchise Operation is free to offer courses more often.
  • For each of the courses, however, there will be two revision lectures and two examinations (also open for re-writes of FTFL students) per year, one as part of FTFL, the second one two terms thereafter.
  • Thus the yearly standard schedule of, revision lecture + examination will be:
Term 1: Civil Litigations, Wills and Estates
–  Optional business law, revision lecture and exam
Term 2: Debt Collecting and Criminal Law
–  Optional property law and conveyancing
Term 3: Business Law
–  Optional Wills and Estates rewrite and Civil Litigation rewrite
Term 4: Property Law and Conveyancing
–  Optional Debt collecting and Criminal Law rewrite

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